Special Needs Students


Whether you are a first-time university student, a returning student or transferring from another institute, the UTB Admissions Office is here to help you succeed. Take a look at our programme offerings or request information from an Admissions representative today.

UTB has carefully designed its admission processes to accommodate the specific needs of students. Admissions at UTB is accessible and convenient.

UTB’s professional and well-trained admission officers is here to assist you in completing your enrolment process. In every step of the admission process, admission officers will extend their expertise to students and parents to ensure a smooth enrolment into UTB.

The applicant is carefully assisted throughout the enrolment process and fully acquainted with  the different programme offerings of the university. Applicants are provided with the University brochures and curricular plans of their chosen programme.


  1. The student requesting for special accommodation is required to submit his/her medical records.
  2. Admission to the University shall be based on the availability of special equipment / facilities required by the student’s illness.  If these are not available and cannot be made available due to certain circumstances, the student is immediately informed prior to admission.
  3. Students with special needs must confirm his/her disability in the admission application. If the student has not mentioned his/her disability, the University reserves the right to accept/deny his/her admissions as it sees fit based on the nature of the disability and University’s existing support mechanisms.
  4. If the request is made due to a physical disability, the Admissions Officer should make a report file for reference anytime by other concerned offices, a copy of the report should be forwarded to the guidance office for appropriate arrangement of required support needed.
  5. The physical disability, which can be accepted in the university, includes: Student in a wheelchair and the like, epilepsy, amputation in the foot, limping or asymmetric abnormality and like, dyslexia, minor speech problem, minor poor vision, and weakness in the muscles of the parties.

Fee Structure:

Application Free

BHD 25.000  (non-refundable, payable one time)

(non-refundable, payable one time)
Registration Fee

BHD 50.000  (non-refundable, payable every term)

 (non-refundable, payable every term)
Technology Fee

BHD 30.000 (non-refundable, payable per term)

(non-refundable, payable per term)

BHD 51.500 per credit unit 

Tuition Fee (BSEnE)

BHD 75.000 per credit unit 

Graduation Fee

BHD 150.000  (non-refundable, payable one time)

(non-refundable, payable one time)


College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

College of Computer Studies

College of Engineering

Centre for General Education


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