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UTB is open to new strategic partnerships in line with the university’s vision of contributing to the advancement and application of knowledge that will impact learners and the society. Whether you are looking for expertise in science, technology, research, business, and leadership to collaborate with for the next big step in your career, you will find UTB to be the right partner.

Why connect with us?

Connect, collaborate, and grow with UTB! We also welcome inquiries from global institutions who would like to learn more about partnering with us.

  • Scientific application of knowledge Advance discovery of new ideas, data, applications, and prototypes through multi-faceted areas of research with the evolving pace of science and technology.
  • Academic exchange programmes Increase international mobility with access to a wide range of opportunities for international internship, further studies, and coursework for students and faculty.
  • Social responsibility Continually impact community with networking opportunities, seminars, workshops, trainings, projects, and activities geared to sharing institutional best practices and capacity building.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities Establish alumni startups, entrepreneurial networks, business ventures, and consultancy services to generation of future entrepreneurs for more innovative solutions to market.

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