Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics


The Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics (BSBI) programme provides in-depth knowledge and skills required to evaluate, implement, use and manage information systems in organizations. The programme produces graduates with solid business background who understand the role of information systems in improving efficiency and effectiveness of organizations; and who are able to bridge the gap between business and information technology area.

Programme Educational Objectives


Possess expertise in systems thinking in order to use, choose, develop, and manage information and communications technology (ICT) solutions which enable enterprise development and business process improvement and innovation.


Engage in productive careers in business informatics areas of expertise while being a responsive member of a business organization and society with awareness of professional ethics, responsibilities, values and standards.


Transfigure Knowledge, understanding and academic skills through postgraduate study and/or continuing professional development.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

Advanced knowledge

Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in the practical and logical foundations of informatics and the business functional areas and their processes.

Critical understanding

Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of the different information systems in business organizations, their concepts, principles, frameworks, models, design and development tools, requirements, methodologies, and standards.

Advanced specialist skills

Use advanced and some specialist level skills to develop and design information systems and adapt suitable business applications for management decision making and in meeting business needs.

Formulating the best solutions

Use a range of approaches to critically analyze, evaluate, and synthesize data and information in formulating solutions to business problems and issues.

Best practices

Utilize specialist-level skills in dealing with complex business situations and problems through IT projects, research, and in benchmarking organizational best practices in improving and innovate business processes, operations, and organizational systems.

Information evaluation

Apply a range of approaches to critically analyze and evaluate information systems and applications and business models to identify, define, and interpret situations and implement relevant solutions.

Effective communication

Communicate clearly, effectively, and successfully with peers, colleagues, and specialists in conveying and presenting complex information, ideas, and projects with the use of appropriate tools, techniques, and technology.

Promote professional ethic

Operate and function effectively as an individual or member/leader of a team or organization with the value of recognizing the need for responsibility and engagement in life-long learning; and promote ethical and professional behavior in organizations and society.

Degree Facts

  1. Students will gain a wide range of transferable skills relevant to employability and personal development.
  2. The duration of the programme is three (3) years and 1 trimester.
  3. The medium of instruction in all courses is English.
  4. The number of credits required to graduate is 180 units.

Careers Opportunities

The graduates of BSBI programme can pursue a career as online marketing analyst, business analyst, software applications developer, information security analyst, computer systems analyst, database administrator, management analyst, web application developer, e-commerce developer, management consultant, project manager, quality assurance manager, video production manager or entrepreneur. In addition, the programme can lead graduates for postgraduate degrees in business such as MBA or MSc in Management Information Systems.

Fee Structure:

Application Free

BHD 25.000 (non-refundable, payable one time)

(non-refundable, payable one time)
Registration Fee

BHD 50.000 (non-refundable, payable every term)

(non-refundable, payable every term)
Technology Fee

BHD 30.000 (non-refundable, payable per term)

(non-refundable, payable per term)
Tuition Fee


Graduation Fee

BHD 150.000 (non-refundable, payable one time)

(non-refundable, payable one time)

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