The University’s multicultural environment has produced graduates who have undergone personal, social, and intellectual transformations. These graduates are equipped with skills and entrepreneurial spirit that reinforce economic regeneration and sustainability, positive attitudes that contribute to better understanding among the cultures, and innovative ideas to create better technologies. It also has contributed thousands of professionals to the human assets of society. They include entrepreneurs, programmers, database designers, and management specialists, web and multimedia developers, animators, network analysts and administrators, systems developers, computer/software engineers, production/manufacturing supervisors, vocational trainers, laboratory engineers, public servants, diplomats, artists, policy makers, academicians, medical practitioners, and researchers, among others,  who effectively perform their respective duties and responsibilities.

It is one of the prime functions of the Placement, Linkages, and Alumni Office to nurture mutually beneficial relationships with its alumni who share the University’s vision to be recognized in Bahrain, the region, and globally for delivering relevant, innovative and quality education producing competent, professional and entrepreneurial graduates.