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Whether you are a first-time university student, a returning student or transferring from another institute, the UTB Admissions Office is here to help you succeed. Take a look at our programme offerings or request information from an Admissions representative today. UTB has carefully designed its admission processes to accommodate the specific needs of students. Admissions at UTB is accessible and convenient.

UTB’s professional and well-trained admission officers is here to assist you in completing your enrolment process. In every step of the admission process, admission officers will extend their expertise to students and parents to ensure a smooth enrolment into UTB.

The applicant is carefully assisted throughout the enrolment process and fully acquainted with  the different programme offerings of the university. Applicants are provided with the University brochures and curricular plans of their chosen programme.

Application Requirements

  • Completely filled-out admission application form
  • Official Transcript of Records (TOR) from the university previously attended. Rules and regulations of the HEC-Bahrain regarding the authentication of foreign certificates and private school certificates are to be applied when necessary.
  • Course description of all completed courses for which transfer credit is sought (authenticated by the originating university)
  • Certificate of Transfer from the university previously attended stamped by MOE, if any
  • Withdrawal certificate stamped by MOE
  • Submission of all required documents stated in the admissions policy.
  • The applicant should have a good moral standing from the university from which he/she is transferring.

Admission Requirements

  1. For Bahrain and KSA qualifications, the applicant should have at least a secondary school average of 60%.  For non-Bahrain secondary qualifications (Indian and Pakistan) the applicant should have at least 41% secondary school average; and for other non-Bahraini qualifications please refer to the table of cut-off.
  2. If the applicant has taken and passed courses in English and Mathematics in the previous university, the applicant will be exempted from taking the remedial courses in both English and Mathematics. The applicant may proceed to mainstream university courses and is eligible to apply for credit transfer.
  3. If the applicant has not taken any courses in English, he/she shall take the OOPT. If the results on the two parts of OOPT results are passed, he will proceed to university English courses, otherwise, he/she will enroll the remedial courses in English where he/she fails.
  4. If the applicant has not taken any course in Mathematics, the basis for evaluating whether a remedial course in mathematics is required or not is the score in mathematics subjects in his/her last year in the secondary school certificate using the table presented earlier.

The transfer of course credits is accepted at the University provided that courses applied for crediting are equivalent to the courses where the credit will be transferred.

The University requires the undergraduate student to complete at least 50% of the required credit units/hours of a programme in residence at the University. The maximum credit units/hours that are eligible for transfer credits should not exceed two-thirds (66%) of the required credit units/hours based on his/her original degree from another university.

Practicum (Internship) course is eligible for credit transfer with the same practicum (internship) course from another university or re-admitted student from the University.


Appeal System for Access:

  1. An applicant may appeal the result of his/her admissions result to the University by submitting a letter of appeal to the Admissions Office.
  2. The Admissions Officer discusses  the appeal with the Dean of Student Affairs and considers  the merits of the appeal based on the following:
  • results of Placement Test (OOPT); and
  • Secondary School Report.
  1. The Dean of Student Affairs submits the recommendation to the College Dean who may request for additional interview, if necessary.
  2. The College Dean decides on the appeal with due regard to the recommendation of the Dean of Student Affairs.
  3. The Admissions Officer advises the applicant about the result of the decision of his/her appeal. The Admissions Officer may advise the applicant to consider an alternative programme of study other than the original choice.

Appeal System for Transfer of Credits from Other University:

  1. An applicant whose application for transfer of credits from a previous university was denied may appeal the decision if he believes that there is a reasonable ground to appeal.
  2. He/she must submit a letter of appeal to the Admissions Office.
  3. The Admissions Office submits the appeal to the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  4. The Dean of Student Affairs discusses the appeal with the concerned dean of the programme where the transfer of credit was applied for.
  5. The Admissions Office informs the applicant on the final decision of the appeal.

Fee Structure:

Application Free

BHD 25.000  (non-refundable, payable one time)

(non-refundable, payable one time)
Registration Fee

BHD 50.000  (non-refundable, payable every term)

 (non-refundable, payable every term)
Technology Fee

BHD 30.000  (non-refundable, payable every term)

 (non-refundable, payable every term)

BHD 51.500 per credit unit 

Tuition Fee (BSEnE, BSAF, BSIT)

BHD 75.000 per credit unit 

Graduation Fee

BHD 250.000  (non-refundable, payable one time)

(non-refundable, payable one time)


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College of Computer Studies

College of Engineering

Centre for General Education


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