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Vision, Mission, Goals & Values


The University of Technology Bahrain will contribute to the advancement and application of knowledge and will have a transformative impact on the lives of learners and the society, whilst continuing to inspire students and the future generations to come.


To contribute to the growth and sustainability of the economy and the expansion of human knowledge in business, science and technology by fostering continuous innovation and excellence in education and research, strategic partnerships, international recognition, and entrepreneurial development.



  1. Maintain an effective governance and management model that promotes sustainable growth and effi­cient use of university resources and infrastructure.
  2. Diversify programme offerings in business, science, and technology that are responsive to the current and emerging socio-economic needs of the national, regional, and international market.
  3. Create a teaching and learning experience that promotes the culture of cross disciplinary collaboration, innovation, expansion of knowledge, and the development of 21st century skills.
  4. Pursue high-impact research and innovation through business and industry collaborations, and international linkages.
  5. Achieve academic excellence and leadership by maintaining local and international recognition.
  6. Enhance the culture of community engagement through a well-structured framework that serves and impacts the community.


Excellence & Quality

To achieve stability and standardization in its pursuit of highest quality education, infrastructure, policies and procedures, work practices, and leadership.


To express the value of responsibility, timeliness, organization and dedication in behavior, attitude, and communication throughout the delivery of academic programmes and student support services.

Creativity & Innovation

To discover beyond the teaching strategies employed in the classroom to further encourage students as future professionals to stand out with their technological skills in the digital world and beyond.

Growth & Development

To provide a range of internal and external opportunities to stakeholders for the development of their personal and professional skills to build their repertoire of competencies.

Commitment & Engagement

To empower stakeholders through highlighted ways to help the university achieve its mission, execute its strategy, and generate pertinent results as a return of satisfaction.


To spur teamwork internally considering stakeholders’ ideas, skills, and experiences towards increased external partnerships and a higher success rate of achieving its goals.


To demonstrate consistent ethical principles, accountability, and unified decisions in the conduct of responsibilities pervading the university to work more effectively with stakeholders and partners.


University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) is one of the largest private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Established in 2002, UTB is accredited by the Higher Education Council in Bahrain and offers bachelor programmes in engineering, computer science and business.

UTB is committed to the provision of high-quality education and serves as a key player in economic development and growth. The University offers market-oriented accredited programmes including bachelor degrees in International Business, Business Informatics, Computer Sciences, Mechatronics Engineering, and Informatics Engineering, as well as Master of Business Administration. UTB offers the most affordable, and internationally accredited programmes in Bahrain.

The university is currently undergoing a significant transformation from its primordial setting to a university of technology that will radically upgrade its position as one of the main providers of cutting-edge technology and business programmes. The development plans which are currently being executed include total renovation of its campus spreading over more than 53,000 square meters, IT systems, academic programmes including at least 5 new academic programmes, sports facilities, staffing, and other key areas of the university operations.

UTB has established robust links with the industry and the public sector to ensure alignment of its programmes to market needs and continuous development of its profile as a leading private university in Bahrain.

Message from the President

Dr. Hasan Almulla


UTB is a university of technology dedicated to enhancing the economic, social, and cultural prosperity of our communities. Student success, contribution to society, high impact research and innovation measure our success. The university commits to high quality teaching and learning, research, innovation, and the dissemination of knowledge. As a university, we are committed to fostering inclusiveness, a multicultural environment, honesty, and fairness.

With the university’s new vision to contribute to the advancement and application of knowledge and to have a transformative impact on the lives of learners and the society, whilst continuing to inspire students and the future generations to come, the university believes that by instilling solid foundations of technology, it will advance the discovery and application of knowledge that will increase economic growth and development. Moreover, it reflects the university’s core mission, which has been redefined to prepare students for careers in cutting-edge fields like technology, science, and business.

Our education, research, and community engagement will make us a world-class university that delivers real benefits for society.

It is the purpose of the university to advance knowledge and learning through research-inspired teaching. We continue to prepare and support our graduates to succeed in the future workforce, drive innovation and entrepreneurship, and deliver excellence. Achieving our vision relies on attracting high-quality students, academics, and partners who are passionate about knowledge, learning, and discovery, as well as making an impact in the world.

As UTB moves into an era of development and growth with our brand and strategy, we are committed to ensuring the success of our students.

Through the fusion of technology, innovation, creativity, and education, we will continue to build our strong reputation for developing graduates who are sought after in the marketplace.

To learn more about UTB, our website directs you to admissions, academic offerings, support services, updates, announcements, and other pertinent information that may substantiate your search. You are also welcome to visit the university workdays at your most convenient time.

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