What’s more to engaging in sports?

Joining the kingdom in celebrating the National Sports Day, University of Technology Bahrain staff and students took part in a number of sports activities at the university campus.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, the President, said that such an occasion boosts the understanding of the health benefits of sport and brings together staff and students as one team working towards success.

Dr. Omar Alhawi, the Dean of Student Affairs, reaffirmed that engaging in sports does not only provide health advantages but more so positivity and motivation to perform better in academics and at work.

Fitness classes, virtual lecture on behaviours in nutrition, colour marathon, group ball games, tug of war, billiards, soccer dart, table tennis, and baby foot among others enlivened the National Sports Day at UTB.

Here’s wishing everyone a hearty and healthy day every day!

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The occasion kicked off with a fitness conditioning workout led by Khalid Yusuf, a BSBI alumnus who is currently a CrossFit coach.

Faculty members, administrative staff and students heated up the morning with couple rounds of high leg raises, in place jogs, jumping jacks and more.

Holding a plank for more than 6 minutes is no joke. Above health, it’s about strength, determination and balance.

For a  follow-through with health and fitness goals, students enjoyed different fun sports activities.

Whether it’s 5k run or not, the fun atmosphere of the colour marathon sparked happiness and agility among the students.

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