UTB supports sustainable waste management

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development, the University of Technology Bahrain, in coordination with the Supreme Council for Environment, held a seminar on proper waste management. This event is part of the university’s environmental awareness campaign, aimed at emphasizing the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and the safe disposal of hazardous waste among its stakeholders towards a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for all.

Engineer Mohamed Al-Mazal from the Supreme Council for Environment led the seminar, providing insights into plastic recycling in the Kingdom of Bahrain and discussing the primary challenges associated with waste management. He also presented contemporary practices and effective strategies for addressing these issues.

Dr. Haitham Alqahtani, Vice President for Academic Affairs at UTB, emphasized that the university, being one of the leading universities in engineering programmes, focuses on environment and technology. Recognizing the economic aspect of environmental challenges, the university aims to partner with regulatory bodies like the Supreme Council for Environment, international organisations such as the United Nations, and prominent industrial companies to achieve the best environmental solutions with good economic returns.

UTB inspires more and more environmentally conscious students through its Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering programme. This programme meets high-quality standards, showcasing the university’s commitment to addressing environmental challenges. The seminar also covered the critical role of environmental engineers in finding solutions to environmental issues and the importance of student training programs in environmental projects to develop the necessary expertise in this field.

These initiatives ensure that UTB graduates can adeptly meet the demands of the labour market, industry, and environmental management, both locally and globally. Here’s to graduating more highly skilled engineers who are ready to spearhead innovation in their fields of specialisation.

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