UTB Hosts the launch of “Accelerating Entrepreneurship” Book

Focusing on technology and innovation, the University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) unveiled the book, “Accelerating Entrepreneurship”, co-authored by over 40 entrepreneurs and researchers from within and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr. Rania Nafi spoke about the book as a co-author and stated that the book dealt with success stories and problems entrepreneurs face. She spoke about the most important ways of accelerating entrepreneurship and noted the importance of revitalizing and promoting the process of launching and developing startups and entrepreneurial projects to provide the necessary support and resources for founders and promising enterprises to achieve rapid growth and sustainable success. The event was well attended by MBA students, UTB staff, members of the SME society and UNISMO and 9 of our authors. The highlight was a presentation by Dr Mohamed Nass, the owner of Bahrain Flour Mills, who talked about the impact of technology on manufacturing. Ahmed Al-Ansari’s talk gave an overview of trends in technology and how they are impacting innovation in many sectors. Special thanks to the official sponsors of the book, Umut Sonmez and G1Bahrain.

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