UTB hosts job preparedness workshop

University of Technology Bahrain (UTB), in collaboration with INJAZ Bahrain, recently organised a workshop focused on job preparedness for its students. The workshop emphasized the importance of enhancing their CVs with relevant skills, internship experience, and educational achievements when applying for jobs as fresh graduates.

During the workshop, students were provided with the opportunity to review and evaluate their CVs. This exercise aimed to help them understand the significance of presenting a well-crafted CV that effectively showcases their qualifications and experiences to potential employers. By critically assessing their CVs, students were able to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance their chances of securing employment opportunities.

With UTB’s commitment to equipping its students with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their future careers, the university continues to prioritise the holistic growth and career readiness of its students. Initiatives like these workshops play a crucial role in bridging the gap between academics and industry, ultimately enhancing the employability and mobility of UTB graduates.

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