UTB and KHUH holds 11th blood donation campaign

On the occasion of World Donor Day this month, the University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) held its 11th blood donation campaign in collaboration with King Hamad University Hospital, united by a shared commitment to supporting the local blood bank.

This campaign was particularly noteworthy, not only because of the impressive participation of students, alumni, faculty and staff, but also the involvement of Batelco, a key UTB partner in establishing an advanced wireless network on campus. Their participation highlights the strong community ties and collaborative spirit that drive UTB’s initiatives.

60 bags of blood were successfully collected, which supports the healthcare needs of the local community and benefits patients requiring blood transfusions.

“We are glad for the response from our students, faculty, staff, and partners. Their willingness to donate blood reinforces UTB’s core values. We thank everyone who contributed and will continue to support meaningful initiatives,” said Dr. Adnan Altamimi, Vice President for Administration and Finance and Head of Community Engagement Office of UTB, after the event.

Highlighting the power of collaboration in addressing critical needs, UTB has reaffirmed its dedication to uniting people for the greater good and fostering a spirit of giving and community service within and beyond the university.

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