UTB and Hope Talents forge pathways to empower youth

In a move aimed at enriching student opportunities, the University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) recently sealed a memorandum of understanding with Hope Talents W.L.L, signaling a joint commitment to fostering student growth and development.

The core objective of this collaboration is to cultivate initiatives targeting ambitious and gifted youth in science, technology, engineering, and innovation fields. Both entities will share knowledge and expertise, hosting workshops, seminars, and collaborative events to bolster youth capabilities and skills.

Under the terms of the collaboration, UTB will extend academic and technical support to participating youth talents, providing hands-on learning opportunities and field training to optimise their project outcomes and innovations.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, President of UTB, expressed his enthusiasm for the MoU signing, underlining the university’s dedication to nurturing talented youth and empowering them to fulfill their aspirations. He remarked, “We are committed to supporting gifted youth and enabling them to unleash their creative potential. Our university’s comprehensive development plan revolves around academic programmes and campus facilities, placing students at the forefront to deliver a unique academic experience.”

Dr. Adnan Altamimi, Vice President for Administration and Finance and Head of the Community Engagement Office, echoed Dr. Hasan Almulla’s sentiments, emphasizing their joint vision of empowering youth and honing their talents. He pledged concerted efforts to provide requisite support and resources for talented youth to emerge as future leaders, aligning with initiatives aimed at fostering prosperity and sustainability of talents within Bahrain and beyond.

Ms. Latifa Mohamed, General Manager of Hope Talents, lauded the collaboration with UTB, acknowledging the university’s pivotal role in the Bahraini job market. She affirmed that this partnership aims to bolster Bahrain’s human capital by offering employment opportunities for highly capable national talents and facilitating their professional growth. UTB graduates will gain access to suitable job opportunities, workshops, training courses, and networking sessions with industry experts. Additionally, endeavors are underway to enhance competencies by providing effective management solutions to the university.

This partnership heralds a journey for participating students to benefit from distinctive learning, development, and mentoring opportunities, ultimately fortifying their capacities to contribute to societal and economic development. The university remains committed to fostering collaboration with public and private sectors to bolster support for innovators and talented individuals.

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