Sustainable projects for Bahrain Mobility International Centre organised

The Community Engagement Office, Office of Student Affairs, and Student Council organised three pertinent activities with Bahrain Mobility International Centre on November 8, 10 and 14 primarily with the aim at extending the university’s outreach to persons with disabilities, who are being cared by the organisation.

In the first activity thru webinar, BMI introduce its noble role in serving persons with disabilities. The university officers, faculty, staff, and students expressed their interest in the voluntary tasks needed by the centre to perform their services.

The second activity was a physical visit to the kindergarten of the centre, where a group of UTB students and faculty members carried out various activities including playing and giving away toys to 42 children with disabilities.

The third activity is the highlight of the collaboration. It drew over 60 persons with disabilities between 18-30 years old, BMI staff, UTB President and other senior university officers and staff, college deans, programme heads, faculty members and students. Such event was graced by speeches from both parties and covered various games, short presentations, craft work, arts, competitions, and prizes given by UTB to the PWDs. The event also provided an opportunity for UTB college officials to discuss with the centre’s officials a possible collaboration with capstone projects, research work, and technological ideas of benefits to the PWDs. As tokens of appreciation to BMI’s noble role, UTB donated 5 laptops while the UTB President presented a plaque of appreciation to the president of the centre.

The conduct of such activities is in line with the university’s vision, mission and strategic goal on community engagement, and its efforts to strengthen engagement with external institutions especially by initiating outreach activities and services of value and impact to the community.

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