Student Council 2022-2023 winners announced

Nine winners by popular vote for the Student Council 2022-2023 positions, three winners from each college, were proclaimed following the two-day elections spearheaded by the Deanship of Student Affairs. Together with the announcement was also a tribute ceremony to the previous Student Council officers and members.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, President of University of Technology Bahrain (UTB), commended the outgoing Student Council for their sheer achievements amidst global challenges, and that it has significantly helped the university since the beginning of its rebranding. Congratulating the winners, he reiterated that being in the student council is an opportunity for students to develop their soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, organisation and public speaking.

UTB hopes that the new Student Council continues to be the voice and ambassadors of the university, while it extends appreciation to its studentry for their participation in the elections as well as their usual support to the university.


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