ICETAS 2023 unlocks future technologies

In the presence of His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Higher Education Council, the International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Applied Sciences (ICETAS 2023) was recently held in Bahrain. It was organised by the University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) in partnership IEEE Bahrain Section and ETSSM Global.

During the opening ceremony, HE Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma said that the government is committed to attracting high-quality international events to Bahrain. “Academy plays a special role in supporting sustainable development efforts”, he said. He also noted the distinct role of technology in education offering numerous benefits such as improved teaching and learning processes, increased access to resources, collaboration opportunities, enhanced engagement and motivation, and better preparation for the future. Integrating technology effectively in education can enhance the overall educational experience and provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, President of UTB, thanked His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Higher Education Council, for his continuous support to the higher education initiatives and events, foremost his presence and gracing the opening ceremony of the conference. He also welcomed organising partners, honourable excellencies, distinguished dignitaries, delegates and participants to ICETAS 2023 mentioning that the future of technology holds immense potential for creating positive societal impact, enhancing efficiency, and improving quality of life. It also brings ethical, privacy, and security challenges that need to be addressed to ensure responsible and beneficial technological advancements.

During a random interview with participants, they were highly impressed with the speeches, the presentations and the valuable opportunity to network with other experts in their respective fields. They expressed their satisfaction with the diverse range of topics covered and the depth of knowledge shared during the presentations, highlighting the significance of networking with fellow experts, as it allowed them to establish new connections, exchange ideas, and potentially collaborate on future projects.

Themed “Shaping the Future of Technology through Smart Computing and Engineering”, the conference brought together esteemed dignitaries, honorary speakers, and industry experts from various fields to discuss and explore the latest advancements and innovations in engineering technologies and applied sciences. It also featured paper presentations on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, Computer vision, Internet of Things, and Impact of Technology in Higher Education.

With UTB’s offering of technology programmes, the university is committed to continuously providing industry-relevant and responsive higher education in support of Bahrain’s efforts to strengthen its position as a leading center for scientific, commercial, and educational conferences. By organising events like ICETAS 2023 partnership with esteemed professional organisations, UTB aims to contribute to the knowledge exchange and advancement of technology-related fields on a global scale.

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