Centre for General Education

About the Centre

The Centre for General Education services all the colleges, and it intends to help students fulfill the general education requirements of their respective programme of study. It offers comprehensive core courses in languages and social sciences while guiding students on their pathway to understanding higher interdisciplinary courses.

NCUK IFY Programme

NCUK International Foundation Year


The Centre provides English and French language courses, while more languages are being planned in consideration of the labour market demands.

  • English Students are taught to express themselves confidently in both written and oral forms of the English language through several courses.
  • French Students learn vocabulary, and speech structure of daily encounters through two French courses. After English, French is the most learned second language worldwide

Social Sciences

Understanding history, law, society, and other related disciplines enables students to be aware and adapt to the evolving environment, inculcate national consciousness, and shape the future.

  • History Student can look at past trends and be able to generate reasonable predictions of what will happen next in today’s world.
  • Law Students can deal with challenging issues, determine standards of behavior, understand human logic, and analyze real life cases.
  • Society Students look more objectively at themselves, society and social institutions, and the consequences of social change.

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