Advance HE-UK recognises more faculty members

More and more faculty members have gained the recognition of Senior Fellowship and Fellowship from Advance HE – UK, formerly Higher Education Academy (HEA) after successful demonstration and qualification to UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education. 

Dr. Anupama Prasanth – Dean of College of Computer Science; and Dr. Beda Aleta – Dean of College of Engineering, are in view that this award will motivate them to do even more in demonstrating effective approaches to teaching and learning support toward high quality student learning. It also is a consolidation of personal development and manifestation of professional practice in their higher education career.

Earlier, Dr. Noaman Mohammad Noaman, Dr. Husham Ahmed, Dr. Lina Calucag, Dr. Suzette Valdez, Dr. Priyanka Surendran, Dr. Manolo Anto, and Dr. Jayendira Sankar were also recognized as Senior Fellows. 

Dr. Jeena Ann John, Ms. Ezra A. Aziz Ahmed, Ms. Mariam Al Salman, and Ms. Fatema Hasan, the Document Center Control Supervisor – all faculty members of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, were awarded fellowship. They regard that such recognition is an opportunity to grow more and to be motivated to continue great work.

There are other faculty members who are in the process of their fellowship application. 

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