UTB and Alhia University discuss implications of AI

The AI and Metaverse Research Centre of the College of Computer Studies at the University of Technology Bahrain recently organised a seminar delving into the implications of AI in the society.

Ahlia University delegates – Dr. Wasan Awad, head of the IEEE – SSIT chapter, and Dr. Jenan Moosa, assistant professor, and Dr. Anupama Prasanth, CCS dean, engaged attendees in thought-provoking discussion and sharing of best practices for integrating AI technologies into teaching and learning environments. It covered topics from the ethical considerations surrounding AI-driven educational tools to the potential impact of AI on student engagement and academic outcomes.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, UTB president, underscored the crucial role of universities in ensuring the ethical use of AI platforms in delivering high-quality instruction. With AI chatbots becoming increasingly prevalent in both business and educational sectors, he emphasized the importance of universities in upholding ethical standards and promoting responsible AI usage in the academic community.

UTB reaffirms its role in advancing research and innovation within the realm of artificial intelligence and education through its technology-based programmes, specifically the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with three majors – Applications Development, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity and Networking.

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