UTB launches the first ever cybersecurity club for students in Bahrain

In line with the offering of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with highly relevant specialisations in cybersecurity and networking, artificial intelligence and data analytics, and applications development, University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) launched Cybersecurity Club (CSC), the first ever student cybersecurity club in Bahrain, hence welcoming student members from different universities in the country.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, UTB President, inspired the event through a striking link between the conventional data privacy and the contemporary cybersecurity of data and added the significant role of students in the advancement of technological solutions relevant to the future of industries. He reiterated that the launch of the cybersecurity club is not only limited to UTB students but also to all students nationwide.

Hamad Alnakal, the CSC Founder and President, stressed that club membership ensures members an access to a full suite of benefits and resources for their continuing education and development to keep ahead of the latest threats, and be adept at the best practices and industry trends. As an active Bachelor of Science in Computer Science student, cybersecurity researcher and founder of a cybersecurity training center, Hamad encourages his fellow students to never stop learning, make themselves expert in mitigating cyber risks and keep finding solutions to sustain a safe and secure cyber world.

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