UTB hosts cultural forum with students from Turkey

In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey, University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) hosted a cultural exchange forum with the aim to foster cultural understanding and scientific cooperation between the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Bahrain while providing a platform for the exchange of expertise and knowledge in various fields.

The forum, now in its third edition, brought together students from UTB and a group of young individuals from Turkey, in a program featuring discussions on technology, science, and arts, all geared towards creating an interactive learning environment and promoting cultural exchange.

This initiative reflects the university’s commitment to enhancing international relations and expanding cultural and scientific cooperation. Participating students and youth discussed learning opportunities and communication with their peers through the exchange of experiences and ideas.

Dr. Haitham Alqahtani, Vice President of Academic Affairs at UTB, commented on the event, stating, “We are proud to participate in hosting this cultural forum. We believe that such student visits enrich cultural interaction and idea exchange. We hope this marks the beginning of fruitful and sustainable cooperation between the promising youth of both countries.”

Dr. Omar Alhawi, Dean of Student Affairs, added, “Our main goal in participating in this forum is to enhance cultural understanding and strengthen relations between the youth of Bahrain and Turkey, while introducing the culture and heritage of the Kingdom and its achievements in the educational field, in particular. It is an opportunity to learn about different cultures and share experiences.”

UTB believes that participating in such activities enhances its role in community engagement. This forum provides an opportunity for cultural exchange through the exchange of expertise and knowledge about different cultures, contributing to the promotion of mutual understanding and respect among communities.

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