University recognizes academic achievers

AMA International University-Bahrain (AMAIUB) has provided tuition fee discounts to a number of students through the implementation of its policies on academic achievers.

The University’s Academic Council has set criteria on grants for students who have excelled in their subjects every trimester. The University grants two merits, which are the President’s List and the Dean’s List.

The President’s List qualifies a student who obtains an average of 96% and above or A+ with no grade lower than 91 or A. On the other hand, the Dean’s list qualifier should get an average of 91% and above or A with no grade lower than 86 or A-. Both grants require the students to possess a Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Office of Students Affairs. They should also carry a regular load of 18 units per trimester.

A number of students achievers have made it to the President’s List. For the Second Term, AY 2015-2016, Maryam Khan Mohamed and Noora Ehsan Yusuf Kamal were part of the said list. Students who were in the President’s List for the Third Term of the last AY were Maryam Khan Mohamed, Maha Nabeel Mohamed, Salman Jamal Salaman, Rawan Khaled Bakhro, and Noora Ehsan Yusuf.

On the other hand, those who were included in the Dean’s List for the Second Term, AY 2015-2016 were Hussain Abdulla Ali and Emile Alphonzo G. Diez while Fatema Mohamed Yusuf made it during the Third Term.

These academic achievers are currently enrolled in the internationally accredited programmes of AMAIUB namely: Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics, Bachelor of Science in International Business, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Informatics Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering.