Summer camp with Qadisiyah Youth Empowerment Centre held

With the initiatives of the university to raise the capabilities of youth and contribute effectively to community service, the Centre for General Education in coordination with the Marketing and Communications Department organized a camp and championship activities for the Qadisiyah Youth Empowerment Centre on August 3-13, 2021. This camp was held at the Qadisiyah Youth Empowerment Centre and included a variety of activities and lectures in addition to sports competitions.

The camp also included an event held in the center’s gymnasium on Saturday, August 7, in which a number of university members participated. It included competitions in the Arabic and English languages that included twisting texts and organizing sentences, competitions on Bahrain’s history, English language proficiency, and questions about current events. Short educational and awareness lectures were presented on the daily uses of the English language and computer applications in addition to a lecture in the field of engineering and robotics. At the end of the event, prizes were distributed to the winners of these competitions. The head of the Qadisiyah Youth Empowerment Centre in the presence of some university professors distributed certificates to the participants in the first aid course held in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

By organizing this event, UTB aims to develop the participants’ skills through various interactive activities and sports competitions, as the university believes in its role in serving the community and encouraging young people to engage in such community services through volunteer work, in addition to providing them with different skills in the field of leadership and teamwork.

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