Student Induction Day conducted

AMA International University-Bahrain’s (AMAIUB) Induction Day, which aimed to acquaint the students with their new academic environment, was successfully conducted on May 6 at the University Atrium.

The speakers in the Induction were Dr. Amin El Meligi, AMAIUB’s Dean of Student Affairs, who warmly welcomed the students to the University and encouraged them to be aware of their rights and responsibilities as members of the AMAIUB community; Ms. Kefaya Al Mubarak, Head of the Student Services Office, provided information about the student services and the rules and regulations that the students have to abide while they are in the University as stipulated in the Student Handbook; Ms. Buena Gracia A. Canzana, Acting Vice President for Administration and Finance, congratulated them for selecting the University which provides relevant, innovative, and quality education which is on a par with the international standards since all its programmes are recognized internationally; and Dr. Geraldo C. Talisic, Vice President for Academic Affairs, inspired the students to take advantage of every opportunity that AMAIUB provides and emphasized that there are a number of clubs and societies in the University which hold co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that aim to develop the students’ personal, social, and employability skills.

The respective deans of the different colleges also discussed the various programme offerings, degree facts, and the prospective career directions that one may pursue upon the completion of the academic requirements.

AMAIUB offers business programmes, namely: Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in International Studies, and Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics which are accredited by European Council for Business Education. The University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science programme and the Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering programme are accredited by ABET.

Conducted at the start of every trimester, the Induction Day is one of AMAIUB’s mechanisms to receive and acquaint the new students to university life, acclimate them to their new surroundings through the university tour of facilities, and also provide an opportunity for the AMAIUB family to meet the newest members of its community.