Music Club members perform during its first event

To adhere the University’s goal of developing the capabilities and skills of students, enriching their knowledge, scientific achievements and university life, AMAIUB encourages students to form clubs to be supervised by the student council and student affairs offices. Their undertaking aims to provide the students the opportunities to increase their participation and involvement in beneficial extracurricular activities, to help them in achieving self-development and continuous learning and to convene to their hobbies.

In line with this, the university has instigated the first music event last Tuesday, March 22, 2016, from 5-6PM. It was facilitated by the Music club officer Mr. Mohamed Al Hermi, together with Mr. Hussain Ashoor, Mr. Mohamed Nabil and Mr. Yousif Nabil, the active members of the club who performed some musical numbers which were appreciated and applauded by the students and faculty.