Enrollment Guidelines

Online Enrolment Procedure



What to do?

1. For enlistment, you must follow the Academic Advising Guidelines. Enlist based on available offers on your curriculum plan in the Student Portal.

Reminders for enlistment to be followed strictly:

  • Total number of enlisted subjects should be minimum of 12 units and maximum of 19 units
  • Only graduating students may enlist less than 12 units or maximum of 21 units if these are the only remaining subjects. (Request for approval of 12 units from the Registrar by sending email to Mr. Redha at redha@utb.edu.bh)
  • Observe strictly the pre-requisite based on the curriculum plan. Curriculum plans are available at the AMA website under Academics per College, per programme.

2. You must send enlistment to Mr. Jeff for assessment thru email at jfbarrientos@utb.edu.bh.

1. Accounting Office will perform assessment.

2. Accounting Office emails the Assessment Form (in PDF) to you.

1. You must receive Assessment Form (in PDF) as emailed.

2. You can pay thru BENEFIT or Bank transfer.

Bank Transfer details needed:
Bank Acct Name: University of Technology Bahrain
Bank Name: Khaleeji Commercial Bank
Bank Address: Financial Harbour, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Bank Currency: Bahrain Dinar
Acct Number: 0100052194001 – BHD
IBAN: BH08KHCB00100052194001
Bank Swift Code: KHCBBHBM


 For registration inquiries, send email to Mr. Redha at redha@utb.edu.bh; info@utb.edu.bh; WhatsApp at 17787979