Employees, students dish up meals for charity

Aiming to raise an amount that would benefit the needy families surrounding its campus, AMA International University-Bahrain (AMAIUB) organized the Charity Dish on May 21.

Dr. Marie Redina Victoria, AMAIUB President formally opened the said event. In her speech, Dr. Marie Redina thanked the Community Engagement Office, headed by Mr. Ali Aljasim for initiating this noble initiative which strengthens the University’s social responsibility. She also congratulated all the officers, faculty, staff, and students for their concerted efforts and notable contributions which led to the success of the said event.

Home-cooked meals, snacks, and sweets, among others were sold. The activity also included competitions based on the selection of the best dish, best booth decoration, and highest sales.

Done yearly, the Charity Dish fostered the active involvement of the AMAIUB community, most especially students, in voluntary work and charity projects, and nurtured them to become ethical and socially responsible citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain.