Cultural tie-ups and further collaborations with the expat communities in Bahrain sought

The university believes that today’s higher education institutions are not just places to get scientific degrees but incubators with the ability to create welcoming and dynamic campus environments and foster the kind of educational opportunities that translate into success, and therefore it is vital that in order to build such a university environment, a diversified culture is becoming important and effective for any HE institutions. Diversity in the classroom is also extremely important as bringing together people from multiple cultures into one classroom can make for a very lively and productive learning experience.

With the above in mind, UTB has always extended its bridges of communications to students from neighboring countries and to expatriate communities within Bahrain and beyond, stressing on the importance of culture diversification in improving student learning and environment.

For this reason, the university this academic year made efforts to reach the Indian community in Bahrain with a number of activities started on 13 August 2021 addressing this community with a Webinar on Awareness for Higher Education in Regional Languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam followed on 11th November 2021 by an activity organized between UTB and the Indian Ladies Association (ILA) to showcase the Indian culture on campus with the participation of other Indian cultural performing organizations such as Bahrain Odiya Samaj, Bahrain Kerala Samajam, Karnataka Club, Tamil Sanga, Punjabi Club, Andhra Club and other distinguished guests, thus marketing the beginning of further collaborations between the university and the association on one hand and the Indian community in general on the other hand being the largest expatriate community in the kingdom. A meeting is also under preparation between ILA and UTB to launch various activities of mutual benefits to the university and the Indian community in Bahrain.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, UTB President, pointed out the significance of holding cultural shows and that as individuals and members of the community, people certainly are aware that culture is an important part of upbringing and who they are today. He assured that such event will put smiles on the faces, motivate and inspire talents, and relive values of cultural diversity – something that the University of Technology Bahrain incorporates in its strategic direction. By incorporating different cultures, UTB can ignite brighter sparks that inspire innovations and excellence in its instruction, research, and extension services.

Now more than ever, UTB has pretty good number of Indian students, faculty, and staff, and the number becomes larger each year. Being one of the largest expatriate and cultural-oriented communities in Bahrain, Indian partnerships and collaborations with University of Technology Bahrain are good opportunities for cultural exchanges, diverse working environment, academic scholarships, and increased brand awareness to wider communities.

For UTB, it was a good time to preserve and celebrate the wonders of Indian culture for all that it has contributed to individuals, institutions, communities, and the world as a whole.

Moreover, UTB is of the view that coping with the evolving community, technology and innovations yields strong cultural tie-ups with the different communities in the Kingdom, provision of the most affordable fee structure for all higher education hopefuls, and public accessibility of the university’s facilities – all geared towards better services to students and all other stakeholders, hence diversifying its collaborations to all expat communities in Bahrain and beyond.

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