1. Instructors shall closely monitor the conduct of their students while they are inside the laboratory. The Instructor shall not be allowed to leave the class during the instructor’s assigned laboratory hours. In the exceptional event that the instructor must leave the class, the instructor must inform IT Personnel.

2. The student must check the computer unit and its peripherals attached before using it. The student must immediately inform the instructor if there’s any defect, error or damage observed at the computer (hardware/software) assigned or if there are any missing peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.). The instructor should immediately report the incident to IT Department.

3. Students are not allowed to bring bags, food and beverages inside the laboratory. Chewing gum, eating, drinking, smoking, littering are prohibited inside the computer laboratory.

4. Users are responsible for saving their documents on their own flash drives, any information saved or installed on the systems hard drive will be deleted once the Computer is rebooted (restarted).

5. No one is allowed to alter or delete configuration settings of any computer laboratory equipment. Tampering, deleting or modifying CMOS/BIOS settings, IP Configuration, system parameters, or system files stored in the hard disk are strictly prohibited.

6. No student or personnel shall be allowed to attach or detach any peripheral to and from any IT equipment or devices without explicit permission from the Head of the IT Department. Users are not allowed also to attach personal devices in any computer laboratory’s network without permission from IT Department.

7. Accessing Pornographic, Gambling, Hate/Discrimination, torrent and other unsafe sites is strictly prohibited.

8. Users are not allowed to install, update or download any software in any computers inside the laboratories. It is also prohibited the users to boot from any bootable devices to run software in any computers in the laboratory. In cases that there is need to install, update or download software or boot from other device the instructor must seek for the approval of the head of IT Department.

9. Playing games are not allowed inside the computer laboratory, this includes video games, card games and other games. However in cases of the topic is related to games the instructor must inform the IT personnel on duty.

10. Anyone who is causing disturbance, trouble and exhibiting hostile or threatening behavior will be requested to leave the computer laboratory.

11. Printing of manuscripts, business letters, banners, personal documents and research works are not allowed in the laboratory. Only the printing of program listings is allowed using the laboratory printer.

12. Proper computer laboratory etiquette must be observed;

  1. Ensure that no trash is left behind.
  2. Turn-off computer units and arrange the computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard and headset) after use.
  3. Wearing of hats/caps inside the laboratory is not allowed.
  4. Chairs must be returned properly to its original places
  5. Orderly dismissal must be observed by the instructor and the class.

13. Theft, vandalism, or abuse in any form is a grave offense and shall be dealt with accordingly. Willful violations of the above provisions shall constitute disciplinary actions. Violators of these guidelines may be subject to any, but not limited to, the following sanctions:

  1. admonition
  2. temporary or permanent suspension of computer laboratory privileges
  3. dismissal from the university/school

Notwithstanding the above sanctions, the school/university shall impose additional penalties as may be allowed by the provisions of the Student Handbook or the Employee Handbook.