Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

AMAIUB is a Learning Institution so it will allow its employees to use its IT, Network and Internet resources in accordance with its University objectives. Employees will be allowed to use their personal resources and connect to the AMAIUB Infrastructure as long as it does not pose security risks and it is consistent with the University objectives and IT policies.

The use of AMAIUB’s infrastructure and internet access is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a suspension or cancellation of those privileges. The University will deem what is inappropriate use and the decision of the University is final. As a general rule, the University IT resources must not be utilized for the purposes of:

  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Playing computer games
  • Conducting or participating in Auctions
  • Proliferation or support of Hate sites

No one is allowed to alter or delete configuration settings of any computer equipment. Tampering, deleting or modifying CMOS/BIOS settings, IP Configuration, system parameters, or system files stored in the hard disk are strictly prohibited.

No one is allowed to attach or detach any peripheral to and from any computer equipment or devices without explicit permission from the Head of the IT Department. Users are not allowed also to attach personal devices in any computer network without permission from IT Department.

Always preview your documents before printing and print only the final copy. Printing of documents for personal use are strictly prohibited.

Proper computer etiquette must be observed;

  • To ensure proper ventilation, always keep your computer surrounding clean, provide at least 6 inches of clearance in front, back, side and above of the computer unit.
  • Ensure that no trash is left behind.
  • Turn-off computer units and arrange the computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard) after use.

Transmitting or disclosing of information deemed confidential, privileged or restricted by AMAIUB, including documents generated or owned by or intended for the exclusive use of AMAIUB are strictly prohibited.

For those granted internet access, visiting websites that are classified under the items mentioned above shall likewise be prohibited. Employees are also prohibited from visiting sites that have no relation to their work. To protect itself, the AMAIUB reserves the right to use MONITORING SOFTWARES to make sure the University IT Resource Policies are being adhered to by its computer users. The AMAIUB may record and/or monitor one or more users’ computer and Internet activity for any reason and without any specific notice.

AMAIUB also supports the intellectual property rights of software owners and it therefore strictly requires that use of its IT resources, including computer units, shall not in any manner or form infringe on said rights. All users are warned not to download, install, copy, or reproduce any and all software to and from the computer unit, and the data or the system drive belonging to software owners such as Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft, without the permission license from the said owners. The users are warned that software illegally downloaded shall be attributable to the user whose usage is immediately before the illegal downloading, who shall be solely civilly and criminally responsible for copyright infringement. Should AMAIUB be proceeded against by the software owners, AMAIUB reserves its right to proceed against the said last user to answer for such liability.

Violators shall be subjected to the University code of conduct.