BEDA T.ALETA, PhD Dean, College of Engineering

Dean, College of Engineering

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Engineering (COE)!

The College of Engineering (COE) offers two bachelor programmes, namely: Informatics Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering. Both programmes provide strong technical curricula, together with a broad range of other educational opportunities for students not only to excel in their chosen careers but also to make effective contributions to society and the economy.

The College is esteemed for its competent and highly committed faculty members and for having sustained the delivery of quality engineering education to its students from the Kingdom of Bahrain, the GCC countries, and the international milieu.

Striving for excellence in instruction, research, and community engagement, the COE continues to establish a learning culture in which teaching and research of the highest quality flourish equally. The College has a firm commitment towards developing productive and innovative individuals who can lead or help lead the socio-economic development of the Kingdom.

Perhaps, the most exciting academic experience at COE is the opportunity for all engineering students to engage in hands-on training. The College is equipped with state-of-the-art instructional facilities in the areas of mechatronics and electronics, as well as computer and electrical engineering. Students engage themselves in elaborate capstone design experience and develop intelligent machines and systems in multidisciplinary teams. Equipped with these skills and competencies, the COE graduates are ready to face the challenges and pressures of the evolving world and the diverse demands of industries, thereby contributing immensely to the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030 which aims at building a better life for every Bahraini.

Currently, the College is enhancing its initiatives to expand its programmes that could address the global needs in the different disciplines of engineering. We are confident that through these initiatives, we will provide more opportunities for our students, faculty, industry partners, and other stakeholders.

Thus again, I invite you all to further explore the opportunities here at the College of Engineering!