Dean, College of Computer Studies

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Computer Studies (CCS)!

The CCS endeavors to offer high-quality education to the students who will successfully qualify to fill the most sought-after positions in the field of computer science and information technology (IT) in the local, regional, and international arena.

We aim to produce computer scientists, software engineers, software analysts, and experts who will strive to bring innovative ideas and solutions to improve knowledge and join the highly skilled workforce. Our graduates often work to provide better solutions for community-based problems around the world. We encourage and enable our students and faculty to be solution providers as they feel proud for being qualified and useful experts in the field of computer science. We believe that by utilizing a world-class learning experience at the University, our graduates will be able to take on leadership positions in the major institutions in Bahrain and the rest of the Gulf region in the field of computer science and IT.

To do so, the University provides a highly conducive environment and modern facilities suitable for learning and development. We are proud of our diverse, highly qualified, and world-class faculty members who are accomplished experts in their respective disciplines. We boast exceptional computer laboratories equipped with advanced technology to enable students and faculty to conduct advanced research and training. We strive to maintain high-quality education so that our graduates can meet the demands and anticipations of the prospective job market. We also provide a multicultural environment to the students so that they may enjoy their time at the University and experience extracurricular events along with academic learning. In this regard, we offer various opportunities for socio-cultural events as well as sports competitions. Moreover, we arrange software exhibitions and competitions for the students so that they develop confidence and expertise in the field of computer science and IT.

We focus on excellence to successfully execute our plans and accomplish our objectives to produce experts in the field of computer science and IT. We are committed to inspiring younger generations of Bahrain and this region to be attracted towards current information and computer technology-related disciplines which also highlights the vision and mission of the University.

We appreciate and thank you for choosing the University as your partner in your educational endeavor. We will leave no stone unturned to guide you so that you will be a successful IT professional anywhere in the world.

Your next few years will be an exciting time with many opportunities for learning and growth for you. You will always find us helping and supporting you to overcome the challenges as you accomplish your dreams.

Again, welcome to the College of Computer Studies!