COE students participate in the GCC Robotic Competition

AMA International University-Bahrain’s (AMAIUB) College of Engineering (COE) students participated in the final round of the 2nd IEEE GCC Robotic challenge which took place at Qatar University on April 29.

The AMAIUB team represented the Kingdom of Bahrain after winning the local round in Bahrain last March 25.

There were 11 competing teams from 6 countries. The team, composed of two to four members, included students between ages of 18 to 35. The 11 teams performed their tasks in programming their respective robot to accomplish the tasks.

AMAIUB’s COE team has competed for six rounds. The said competition proved to be an enriching experience for AMA students since it was the first time for the University to participate in such event.

Moreover, the AMA students were able to identify the different designs of robot which they can use to conceptualize and build for next year’s national competition.

The GCC competition paved the way for students to acquire all the needed robot components including the parts and sensors that will help the future team contestants to assemble more than one robot to put together.

AMAIUB has participated in numerous robotics competitions locally, regionally, and internationally and has won awards in the above-mentioned field.

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