COE faculty, students visit Midal Cable site

With the aim to provide the highest quality of education and services to its students, AMA International University-Bahrain (AMAIUB) continuously implements measures to improve its curricular offerings, systems and procedures through various initiatives which include educational trips. In line with this, the College of Engineering (COE) group, headed by Dean Dr. Husham Ahmed , visited the site of the Midal Cable company on March 14.

The COE group, composed of the faculty and the Mechatronics Engineering and Informatics Engineering students listened to a short lecture delivered by Engr. Mohammed Yusuf, the site engineer of Midal Cable.

A tour of the site was also conducted, specifically on the company’s manufacturing area, melting area, laboratory department, and finished products section.

The visit was deemed beneficial by the students since they had the chance to observe and monitor the processing and the conversion of the raw materials to the finished aluminum cable products. Hence, the students were able to relate the application of all the theories and principles learned in the classroom with the actual experience that they had during the site visit.

AMAIUB periodically conducts educational trips to various companies and industries in the Kingdom in order to expose students to the actual work environments of their respective fields of specialization. These provide students with exposures outside their classroom activities and allow them to be cognizant of the knowledge and skills needed in the real world of world.