Dr. Zeyad Mohammed A. Ismail

Telephone Number
Academic Qualification:
Doctor of Philosophy  in Power Electronics
Master of Science in Communication and Electronics
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Research and Publication:

Rami A. Maher, Ziad M. Ahmad, Amjad J. H.” Indirect Field-Oriented Control of Induction Machine with Detuning Effect”, Engineering & Technology Journal Vol. 26, No.2, 2008
Rami A. Maher, Ziad M. Ahmad, Amjad J. H.” Fuzzy Learning Better Enhances Speed Control of an Indirect-Oriented Induction Machine”, Al-Nahrain University, college of Engineering Magazine Baghdad-Iraq March 2009.
Ziad M. A. Ismail and Mohammed Al-Sarawi “Differential Cost for Employing VOIP as Replacement to SPTN” Gulf University Journal Vol. 2, No. 1, 25 Nov. 2010
Jerio N. and Ziad M. A. Ismail and Naser A. N. “Redesign of Electrical Installation to Maximize the Use of Photovoltaic Cells at the end use of Consumers in KUWAIT” International Conference for Enhanced Building Operation. Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait, October 26-28, 2010
Zeyad M A Ismail “Development of Mathematical Model for a Proportional Directional Control Valve in a Hydraulic System” AMAIU-Bahrain, College of Engineering Research Journal Vol.1, No.1 pp18-34 Sept. 2014.
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