Dr. Pura B. Andeng

Telephone Number
Academic Qualification:
Doctor of  Philosophy  in Chemistry Education
Master of Science in Chemistry Education
Bachelor of  Science in Chemistry

Research and Publication:

Heavy Metal Analysis  in the Vegetable Farm Soil in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Published in the Journal of Civil and Environmental Research of the International Institute for Science, Technology and  Education, ISSN 2224-5790 (paper), ISSN 2225-0514 (online), Vol.4, Sept. 2015
Assessment on the Physico-chemical properties of Coastal Water in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Published in AMA Journal Vol. 2 . Number: 1, ISSN 2384-4449. April 2015
Microbial and Spectroscopic Assessment on the Elemental Composition of Edible Clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) in the Kingdom of Bahrain .Published in the Journal of International Institute for Science, Technology and     Education, ISSN 2224-3186(paper),  ISSN 2225-0948 (online), Vol.4, No.15, 2014.
Investigating Corrosion Behavior of Aluminium and Aluminium-Copper Alloy in H2SO4 as Anodizing Solution. Published in the Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering, ISSN  1466-8858 Volume 17, Preprint 20 submitted 6 April 2014.
Gasoline Spillage: Its Effect on the Ground Water. Published in Journal of environment and Earth Science, ISSN 2224-3216,     ISSN 2225-0948, Vol. 3, No.5, 2013.
Photochemical Screening and Insecticidal Properties of Date Fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Published in AMA Journal Vol. 1.Number1, ISSN 2210-0482.February 2013.
Insecticidal Properties of Tinospora rumphii Boerl (With Thesis Assistance from the Faculty Development Fund of Cagayan State University – Tuguegarao City) Published in CSU- CAS Journal, Vol. 1 No.2, ISSN1655-7749.June 2000.
Membership in Professional Organizations:
Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT), USA
International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS)
Natural Science Teachers Association  (NSTA)- International
Teachers First Organization, International
Kapisanang Kimika ng Pilipinas  (KKP)
Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers (PACT)
Organic Chemistry Teachers Association  ( OCTA )
Natural Science Society of the Philippines ( NSSP )
Research and Educational Development Training Institute (REDTI ) Biology Teachers Association (BIOTA )