Dr. Khalaf Hasan Ali

Telephone Number
Academic Qualification:
Doctor of Philosophy major in Mechanical Engineering/ Hydraulic system
Master of Sciences  in Mechanical Engineering / Power plant and Renewable Energy
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Research and Publication:

Ayman Hassan, Ahmed Abbas. Ebrahim Khalil, Khalaf Hassan Ali. “Design and Development of Pressurized Fire Sprinkler System.” Engineering Research Journal, AMAIU ISSN 2384 – 485X, Vol. 04,  No. 01, January 2018
Khalaf Hasan Ali. ”Simulation and Modelling Dynamic   Performances of the             Servo-Solenoid Directional Valve Using Matlab” International Journal of Advanced Research in Basic Engineering Sciences and Technology (IJARBEST) Vol.4, Issue.11, November 2018, Pp. 41-53 (Impact Factor 5)

Ali K.H.: “Software Enhancement for Extracting Pulmonary Function Test”    Using MATLAB”,   Gulf university journal, volum1, page (21-35),2010.

Ghaleb A. Ibrahim, Khalaf H. Ali, Lulwa S. Almulla ;  “Mix Convection Flow Over Backward Facing Step Uniform Flow with Three Step Geometries” Part I. Gulf university journal, volum4, page (19-36),2012 .

Ghaleb A. Ibrahim, Khalaf H. Ali, Lulwa S. Almulla, “Mix Convection of Pulsating Flow over Backward Facing Step”- Part II Gulf university journal, Gulf university journal, ,2013

Khalaf H. Ali, et al.; “The study of Thermo-Fluid characteristics for water based platinum Nano fluid”. Symposium on Solar Energy University of Bahrain, Sakhir Campus, on 16 May 2013.

 Khalaf H. Ali, “Empirical Model for Estimating Global Solar and Diffuse Solar Radiations on     Horizontal Surfaces”. Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy. Volume 6, NO.5, 2016

Membership in Professional Organizations:
International Association of Engineers [IAENG]