Dr. Ghada Abo-Zaid

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Academic Qualification:
Doctor of Philosophy  in Statistics
Master of Applied Statistics
Bachelor of Business

Research and Publication:

Abo-Zaid, G., Sharpe, R. A., Fleming, L. E., Depledge, M., & Osborne, N. J. (2018). Association of Infant Eczema with Childhood and Adult Asthma: Analysis of Data from the 1958 Birth Cohort Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(7)
Ghada Abo-Zaid, Karyn Morrissey (2018): Using Sensitivity Analysis and Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test to Compare Self-Reported Non-Smoking Status and Serum Cotinine Levels in Adolescents: Assessing Biomarkers in the NHANES Dataset from 2001-2012. JP Journal of Biostatistics,18(1);P. 65 – 82; ISSN: 0973-5143
Ghada Abo-Zaid (2017). Examining the Gender Difference Association between C-Reactive Protein and Serum Cotinine Level Using Spline Analysis: Using NHANES Dataset from 2003 to 2010. JP Journal of Biostatistics,17(2);P.107-120; ISSN: 0973-514
Ghada Abo-Zaid (2017): Statistical Model Fitted to Examine whether Vitamin D is a Prognostic Factor of Diabetes; Using Cross Sectional Study of NHANES Dataset from 2009 to 2010. Egyptian Statistical Journal: Institute of Statistical Studies and Research-Cairo University; Volume 61( 2)
Ghada Abo-Zaid (2017): Cox Proportional Hazard Model to Examine the Effect of Tumor Size on Breast Cancer Overall Survival Patients Stratified by Hormone Receptor: Applying on Sweden Breast Cancer Patients. Egyptian Statistical Journal: Institute of Statistical Studies and Research-Cairo University; Volume 61(2)

Ghada Abo-Zaid. (2007). Meta Analysis of Prognostic Factor Studies Using Individual Data: A one-step or two-step approach, scholar-one. Lambert :Publishing.ISBN 978-3-330-65168-5

Ghada Abo-Zaid and Mamdouh Abdlealeem.(2015). Statistical methods in Business. Ain Shams University.

Ghada Abo-Zaid and Mamdouh Abdlealeem.(2014).Financial Mathematics. Ain Shams University.

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Ghada Abo-Zaid, The Association between C-reactive Protein and Hypertension with Different US participants Ethnicity-Findings from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2010; World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology; International Journal of Medical, Health, Biomedical , Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering VOL:10, NO7, 2016

Thomas P. A. Debray mail, Karel G. M. Moons, Ghada Mohammed Abdallah Abo-Zaid, Hendrik Koffijberg, Richard David Riley: Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis for a Binary Outcome: One-Stage or Two-Stage? PLOS ONE, 2013DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0060650

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Riley RD, Lambert PC, Abo-Zaid G: Meta-analysis of individual participant data: conduct, rationale and reporting. BMJ 2010;340:c221. DOI 10.1136/bmj.c221

Medhat Abdelaal, Ghada Abo-Zaid: Comparison of Ridge Regression Model and Neural Network Method for Forecasting Sugar Consumption and Production Function. First International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems, ICICIS 2002.

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International Computer Science and Engineering Society (ICSES)

Irish Statistical Association