Dr. Arturo L. Tapas, Jr.

Telephone Number
Academic Qualification:
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Research and Publication:

Tapas, Arturo Jr. 2019. Reliability of Wrist Oscillometry Meter in Blood Pressure Measurements. IARJSET, Vol. No.6, Issue No. 1, ISSN No.: 2393-8021
Tapas, Arturo Jr. 2017. Effectiveness of Microwave Radiation in the Inactivation of Coliforms Present in Jarjeer (Eruca sativa). IARJSET, Vol. No.4, Issue No. 9, ISSN No.: 2393-8021
Effect of Alum Treatment on the Effectiveness of Disinfection of AMA Sewage
Evaluating the Risks Due to Pathogen Contamination of Salad Vegetables by the Enumeration of Coli forms
Membership in Professional Organizations:
International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
Philippine Teachers Association-Bahrain (PTAB)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
European Mathematical Society