CGE faculty presents research paper in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Dr. Rosita G. Castro, Head, Social Science Department of the Center for General Education (CGE), presented her research paper on “Constructive Alignment of Learning Outcomes to Program Intended Learning Outcomes” in Harrah’s Hotel Conference Center, Las Vegas, Nevada on March 21 – 22.

The National Technology and Social Science Conference 2016 aimed to highlight expanded sessions dealing with the use of technology in the classroom; exhibit papers and workshops for all social science disciplines dealing with research, teaching and technology; and Provide relevant information regarding the current and emerging trends in Quantitative and Qualitative researches.

With the global theme that revolves around the use of technology and consciousness on social sciences, the research presentation highlighted the following topics: Education and Technology; Issues in Race and Ethnicity, Social Sciences, Education and Economics Examined; Law and Society; Technology in Action and Uses of Education; Political, Government and History Perspectives and Social Norms; Teaching and Learning, Teachers and Students; International, Social Sciences Aspects; Technology Applied; Chinese Governance Examined; Ethnic and Social Science Perspectives; and Research and Society, Sociology, Educational and Cultural Challenges.

Held every spring in Las Vegas, Nevada, the national conference, featured presentations from college professors and students all over the United States. by Dr. Ma.Arlen F. Arellado