CGE faculty presents paper in Harvard international research conference

Dr. Danebeth G. Narzoles, faculty of the Center for General Education of AMA International University-Bahrain (AMAIUB), recently presented her research paper and was chosen as one of the chairpersons of the concurrent sessions during the Fourth 21st Academic Forum at Harvard held at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

With the aim to gather international researchers to share their humble research outputs, this international research conference underscored these global themes, namely: education and workforce development, innovation and entrepreneurship, public health, information technology, international development, and energy and environment.

Dr. Narzoles’ paper, entitled “Bridging the English Communication Skills Gap Between the EFL Classroom and Workplace”, determined the language skills and abilities students and graduates need at the workplace and examined if their professional needs are being met by the current English courses and programmes at the university. Concomitantly, this research accentuated one of the 21st Century employability skills which is the ability to communicate effectively.

The Harvard Conference was attended by more than 200 oral presenters, poster presenters, and listeners who have diverse fields of specialization from the various higher education institutions around the globe.

AMAIUB has dedicated itself in hiring and developing a strong roster of faculty members representing the diverse fields of disciplines and educational backgrounds. The faculty’s academic credibility, pedagogical effectiveness, and personal commitment to student growth are complemented by their research skills.

The university has a large array of programs and substantial research funds supporting all the student and faculty activities in order to attain the research prowess and reputation for research excellence. Yearly, the teachers are contributing to the percentage of the world’s research outputs. These outputs have been applied to teaching-learning process to keep the students abreast with the current trends in their respective fields of specialization.

Dr. Danebeth G.Narzoles discusses her
research on “Bridging the English Communication Skills Gap Between the EFL Classroom and Workplace

The researcher receiving her certificate from the Session Chair.