Director, Center for General Education


I would like to take this opportunity to say SHUKRAN AND MABROOK to all of you, earnest students of the University. Shukran, because you have nurtured the faith in higher education. Once again, Shukran, because you have learned to value the continuing development of mind and character.

Mabrook, because the developed mind and strengthened character – twin sources of powerful knowledge and enlightened power – when appropriately focused, as a prism is appropriately under an appropriate sun, cannot fail to give you the flame you need with which to pursue and realize your dream for a better life.

You see, it is our happy task here at the Center for General Education (CGE) to provide you with ample opportunities contributive to your receiving a well-rounded education—an education proper to the times and the calls of a globally competitive world, and yet also proper to the inner world of your faith and values from which your larger strength derives. Such education is instanced when cool reason prevails over turbulent passion; when one aspires to see more similarities than differences between and among human beings; when one takes care of his or her health, even as one listens to conscience to maintain physical, emotional, as well as spiritual well being. It is, on the whole, an education of the striving for quality expression in the thing that we do best, as instanced in the art of excellent poets or mathematicians, scientists or musicians, sculptors or lobbyists, soldiers or businesspersons, philanthropists or politicians, teachers or spiritual leaders.

The faculty members here at University in general, and at CGE in particular, all share in the vision of helping you move towards your dreams. Underlying their teaching philosophy is the wonderful belief that, someday soon, you will unfold your wings of knowledge and power. For like you, they were all students once; like them, you will reach the shores you have in mind. As that day of independent flight draws near, keep in mind the greatest secret of power that your professors have been trying to teach you and have been expecting to see in you: the power of true learning which gives you independent strength. For it is strength in the certainty of your own learning or knowledge that gives you the direction of your life. Your teachers will awaken this power in you, but they will never succeed unless you choose that power for yourselves.

Together with the University administration and all the colleges and faculty, our greatest joy at CGE is to see you fly someday soon with your own independent wings towards the direction that you have chosen the power of your dream to lead you. And for that day, may I here say once again: Congratulations!