CCS, Bahrain Specialist Hospital conduct Hands-Only CPR Awareness Event

In celebration of the Heart Saver Awareness month, the College of Computer Studies’ (CCS) Community Engagement Committee, in cooperation with the Bahrain Specialist Hospital,  recently conducted the Hands-Only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Awareness Event which aimed to share the vital and simple steps that could help save a life through CPR.

Dr. Abbas Haleem Abbasi delivered a lecture about the significance of CPR   which could double or even triple a person’s survival rates when ordinary people and not just healthcare providers, initiate the CPR when the emergency need arises. The lecture was followed by tutorial hands-on CPR practice sessions facilitated by Ms. Jessica Denise Sison and Ms. Bijula Swaroop.

AMAIUB thanked the guest facilitators from Bahrain Specialist Hospital which is the authorized training center of the American Heart Association.

Spreading  awareness on various health care issues is one of the community engagement initiatives of the University.

The event was actively participated in by AMAIUB’s academic and non-academic employees and students.