Dr. Joy Winston James

Telephone Number
17787974 / 177877977
Academic Qualification:
Doctor of Philosophy major in Computer Science and Engineering
Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering   in Computer Science and Engineering

Research and Publication:

J. Joy Winston, 2016. “Dominating Set based Connectivity Maintenance in WSN.” International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol.151. No.1. pp. 32-39
J. Joy Winston and Dr. B. Paramasivan, 2015. “Adaptive Energy Efficient Scheduling (AEES) for Fault Tolerant Coverage in Sensor Network.” International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, Vol.3, No.1. Pp.152-155
Joy Winston and Dr. B. Paramasivan, 2014. “Sensor Relocation Technique Based Lightweight Integrated Protocol for WSN.” International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks. (impactfactor0.93) vol. 2014. Pp. 1-6
J. Joy Winston and Dr. B. Paramasivan, 2014. “Dynamic Sensor Relocation Technique based Lightweight Integrated Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, Vol. 65, No.2. Pp. 305-311
J. Joy Winston and B. Paramasivan, 2014. “Optimal Relay node Placement Algorithm for coverage and Connectivity in wireless sensor Networks.” Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences ,8(13), pp. 227-232
J. Joy Winston and Dr. B. Paramasivan, 2013. “Data Fusion Model Based Distributed Truncated Greedy Technique to Improve the Coverage of Wireless Sensor Networks.” European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 97, No. 4, pp. 546-554
J. Joy Winston and Dr. B. Paramasivan, 2011. “A Survey on Connectivity Maintenance and Preserving Coverage for Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal of Research and Reviews in Wireless Sensor Networks, Vol.1. No.2, pp. 11-18
Membership in Professional Organization:
Institution of Engineers (IE)
Society of Technical Education (MISTE)