Dr. Farheen Akram

Telephone Number
17787974 / 177877977
Academic Qualification:
Ph.D Banking & Finance
Master of Philosophy Major in Commerce
Master of Commerce Major in Finance
Intermediate Majors in Mathematics and Economics
Matriculation Major in Science

Research and Publication:

Assessing the Effect of Managerial Power on Firm Performance through the Perceptual Lens of Executive Remuneration. Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities. ISSN (2231-8534). (2018)
The Impact of Board Composition and Executive Compensation on R&D Spending. Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting & Finance. ISSN (2180-4192). (2018).
Innovation as Mediator between Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: A Theoretical Perspective. International Journal of Innovative Knowledge Concepts. ISSN (2454-2415). 5(11). (2017)
Cultural Aspects and Leadership Effectiveness of Women Leaders: A Theoretical prospective of Saudi Arabia. Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. ISSN (2415-007X). 5(1): 25-35. (2017).
The Impact of Social Capital on Educational Attainment: Evidence from Rural Areas of Pakistan. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences. ISSN (2225-0484). 5 (13): 95-102. (2015).
Impact of Social and Human Capital on Entrepreneurship: A study in Pakistani Prospective. Journal of Culture, Society and Development.  ISSN (2422-8400). 9: 88-93. (2015).
The Impact of Inflation on Stock Prices: Evidence from Pakistan. Microeconomics and Marcroeconomics. ISSN (2168-4588). 3 (4): 83-88 (2015).
Membership in Professional Organizations:
Life Member – Internet Society
Life Member- Stata Statistics Software
Life Member – SmartPLS Community
Member of – AACSB