Dr. Carl Mark Miniano

Telephone Number
17787974 / 177877977
Academic Qualification:
Doctor of Philosophy in Management
Master in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Management

Research and Publication:

Miniano, C.M. and Concepcion, M.C. (2018) ‘A Correlational Study on Internal Control System Efficiency and Operational Sustainability of Selected Saving and Credit Cooperative in the CAMANAVA Area of Metropolitan Manila’, International Journal of Scientific Research and Management, pp. 420-430, Volume 6, Issue 5, May 2018. (ISSN 2321-3418)
Miniano, C.M. and Alberto. E. (2018) ‘Academe-led Social Responsibility Program and Women Empowerment in a University-Partner Community: A Correlational Study’, International Journal of Business and Management, pp.39-51, Volume 6, Issue 5, May 2018. (ISSN 2321-8916)
Miniano, C.M., Dalluay, V., and Jalagat, Jr., R. (2018) ‘Revisiting the Emerging Market Potentials in Emerging Economies (EMEs): The Case of Star Trucks International, LTD.’, Global Journal of Advanced Research, pp. 200-206, Volume 5, Issue 5, May 2018 (ISSN 2394-5788)
Miniano, C.M. and Adolfo, M. (2018) ‘Leadership Awakening, Metamorphosis and Transcendence: Insights from the Leadership Journey of Twelve Former Presidents of a National Human Resource Managers Association’, International Journal of Business and Management, pp. 329-336, Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2018. (ISSN 2321-8916)
Miniano, C.M. and Estampador, J.R. (2016) ‘Lived Experiences of Community Development Volunteers: Towards the Development of Recruitment Programs for Volunteer Organizations’, PANANAW Academic Research Journal, pp. 17-32, Volume 7, January 2016. (ISSN 2094-2060)
Miniano, C.M. and Khan, R.A. (2015) ‘Customer Characteristics and Behavior: Basis for the Development of Strategies for Second Hand Car Business’, PANANAW Academic Research Journal, pp. 37-52, Volume 6, January 2015. (ISSN 2094-2060)
Miniano, C.M., Tavanti, M. & Mantuhac, P. (2014) ‘Women Empowerment for Public Engagement: A Vincentian Model for Women Empowerment, Community Development and Public Life’, in proceedings of the 21st International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference, Dublin Ireland, October 29 – November 1, 2014
Daraway, A., and Miniano, C.M. (2014) ‘The Meaning of Success Among Non-Degree Entrepreneurs’, PANANAW Academic Research Journal, pp 135-150, Volume 5, January 2014. (ISSN 2094-2060)
Binuya, M.V.J. and Miniano, C.M. (2013) ‘Human Resource Cost and Management Decision through Human Resource Accounting and AnalysisModel’, PANANAW Academic Research Jounal, pp 1-14, Volume 4, January 2013. (ISSN 2094-2060)
Miniano, C.M. (2010) ‘Industry-based Business Values in Selected Higher Education Institutions: Inputs to Institutional Relations Program Enhancement’, University Consortium Research Journal, Vol. 3-4, 2010. (ISSN 1908-6881)
Miniano, C.M., Alberto, E., & Abergos, M.V. (2010) ’Project-based Strategies in Advertising Management: Insights from 4th Year Business Students’, in proceedings of the 34th Annual Marketing Conference of the Marketing Educators Association, Seattle, Washington State, USA, April 8-10, 2010
Miniano, C.M., Abergos, M.V. & Daraway, A. (2008) ‘College of Business Administration Graduate Tracer Study’, in proceedings at the 32nd Annual Marketing Conference of the Marketing Educators Association, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, April 24 to 26, 2008
Miniano, C.M. (2003)’Shopping Malls within University Zones: Impact on Consumer Behavior of University Employees and Students, Adamson University Research Report Vol. 2, 2003
Miniano, C.B., Daraway, A. and Maniago, M. (2001) Fundamentals of Management in the Philippine Setting, Adamson University Press, Manila, Philippines
Membership in Professional Organization:
Lifetime Member, Philippine Council of Deans and Educators in Business (PCDEB)
Member, Association of Marketing Educators (AME)
Member, Council of Management Educators (COME)
Diplomate, Philippine Academy of Professionals in Business Education (PAPB)
Board member, Vincentian Center for Social Responsibility (VCSR)
Lifetime member, The AGORA Circle
Accreditor, Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation