AMAIUB welcomes back Advance HE

AMA International University – Bahrain (AMAIUB), through its Faculty Development Office, welcomed back Advance HE for a forum on HEA fellowship application on February 3, 2020 at AMAIUB auditorium.

Prof. Kristian Rumble, the HEA-UK International Partnership Manager, led the forum. He reiterated among the faculty members, banking on the Professional Standards Framework, the essence of continuing professional development, and refined the process and procedures of obtaining HEA Fellowship.

Said forum was held to clear up matters of concerns arising from the AMAIUB faculty training workshop spearheaded by Advance HE on September 11-13, 2019. At the moment, three AMAIUB faculty members, namely Dr. Safeeullah Soomro, Dr. Husham Ahmed and Dr. Ghossoon Alsadoon are qualified as Senior Fellow upon completion of the HEA fellowship application process.

Advance HE, as a non-profit organization, offers training workshop to inject enthusiasm for and develop knowledge of new approaches to teaching diverse nature of students, hence an avenue for professional recognition across the higher education sector.

Awarding of certificate and token of appreciation to Prof. Kristian Rumble

AMAIUB faculty with the HEA-UK speaker