AMA University Welcomes Tunisian Ambassador

AMA International University-Bahrain was visited on Tuesday 4th March 2014 by Mr. Mohamed Bin Yousif Tunisian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain where he was received by Ms. Buena Gracia Canzana Head of Administration, Dr. Nabil El Kadhi the Provost, Deans of Colleges and Heads of Departments.

The visit covered the discussion of many topics of interest to the university and its counterpart institutions in the Republic of Tunisia and the possibility where AMA can benefit out of hiring Tunisian faculty members through the cooperation with the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation, in addition to exchanges of programmes, students and faculty members with Tunisian universities.

At the end of the visit the Ambassador made a tour of the university’s campus in Salmabad and the various colleges run by the university, as well as its laboratories, mechatronics capabilities, technical and computer facilities and the programmes provided by the university, where His Excellency expressed his satisfaction with the visit and the results it achieved in strengthening and preparing for a wider cooperation on academic levels between AMA and Tunisian universities and in making good usage of the Tunisian expertise in this field. The Ambassador also expressed his appreciation of the university building and the services it provides to students and faculties alike, stressing on his confidence in the role the university plays in elevating the higher education in the kingdom. The Ambassador was accompanied by Mr. Imad Bel Habib Technical Cooperation Counselor of ATCT.