AMA University Hosts “Mashroo3i” event of Tamkeen

In its efforts to engage with the community and strengthen and develop the capabilities of its students, AMA International University – Bahrain organized two events in cooperation with Tamkeen. The first event aimed at informing new students and those of the morning session of the various services provided by Tamkeen to the commercial sector in general and student in particular. The lecture which was given by Mr. Ahmed Mujairan of Tamkeen presented the idea of “Mashroo3i Award” for youth entrepreneurs (Turn your idea from sketch to success), in addition to a short film showing the stages in which this award was developed in the last 3 years and the different ideas adopted by this award every year. This first information session took place from 11 to 12 noon in the auditorium of the university on Tuesday 20 October 2015.

The second event was a workshop that took in more depth the subject of “Mashroo3i Award” for youth entrepreneurship supported by practical activities and quizzes given to the participants. The workshop was led by Mr. Ahmed Janahi of Tamkeen explaining the idea of the project, its objectives and the benefits that it would draw to the economy of the Kingdom and teaching and learning of students. The speaker also stressed the role entrepreneurship and SMEs play in supporting and enhancing local economy and its elevation, explaining to the students that the idea of “Mashroo3i” was designed by Tamkeen to inspire a bold new generation to become open minded and take a positive step toward a brighter future. The healthy environment of the competition reflects students’ creativity, innovation and enthusiasm and encourages participants to have an open attitude toward business as an option to the future career. The workshop was held from 5 – 7PM at the university building in Salmabad. Both events witnessed very good attendance of students and faculty members.