AMA University hosts IEEE seminar

In its efforts to strengthen its relationship with civic organizations and specialized scientific societies, AMA International- Bahrain (AMAIUB) hosted a technical seminar on November 3 in cooperation with IEEE Bahrain Section.

This seminar aimed to strengthen the university’s partnership with technical and scientific institutions for capacity building, and skills and capabilities development of students and faculty in order to meet requirements and keep abreast of the significant changes in the market.

In addition to exchanges of experiences and communications buildup with external institutions, this seminar also provided students and faculty with an opportunity to join technical and professional organizations. Hence, they will have avenues to enhance their expertise and to be involved in research projects, conferences, and workshops which are in line with QA standards and requirements.

The seminar covered a number of technical areas starting with a lecture given by Dr. Abdulla Al Thawadi on smart phones, followed by a lecture on Nano fluids and its application presented by Dr Khalaf Hassan, faculty of the College of Engineering (COE).

Ms. Dana Al Tehmazi of IEEE spoke about the benefits of joining IEEE and the registration procedures. Dr. Zeyad Hassan, faculty of the COE. Finally, Dr. Adel Abdulla , chairman of IEEE, elucidated on the effects of radiations on human.

The seminar is the start of the series of collaborative efforts of AMAIUB and IEEE in the technical fields. This partnership underscores the university’s active role in enhancing teaching and learning, research and engagement in its community.