AMA University hosts Employees’ Day

AMA International University-Bahrain hosted its Employees’ Day which is part of the 15th founding anniversary celebration of the University and the 37th founding anniversary of the AMA Education System (AMAES) The University, which is a member of the AMAES, started its operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2002. AMAES is the largest education network in Asia having more than 200 campuses in the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Oman to name a few.

During her opening remarks, Ms. Buena Gracia Canzana, VP for Administration and Finance thanked all the employees for their commitment and dedication to the University. She also appreciated their efforts in helping the University attain its mission of delivering relevant, innovative, and quality education in order to produce competent, professional and entrepreneurial graduates.

As part of the celebration, the University also acknowledged some of the employees for their notable accomplishments and milestones.

First, the Service Award was given to the employees who have served AMAIUB and AMAES for a number of years. The recipients of the Service Award were: Mr. Randy Mana, ( 20 years of service); Ms. Jehan Ahmed Abdulla Ali (15 years); Dr. Claire Cosgrove (5 years); Dr. Arturo Tapas Jr. (5 years); Mr. Mohammed Riyaz Belgaum (5 years); Dr. Rodalin N. Aseñas (5 years); and Dr. Amin El Meligi (5 years). They all received a plaque of recognition for their loyal service and valuable contribution to AMA’s growth through the years.

On the other hand, faculty members who gained the highest Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (PAST) for the Academic 2016-2017 were also awarded with a plaque of recognition. The highest PAST rating was attained by Dr. Danebeth G. Narzoles, followed by Dr. Rosita G. Castro, and Dr. Lina S. Calucag.

The event also included a Trivia Game which comprised questions about AMAIUB and AMAES. The activity was actively participated by the academic and non-academic employees. Winners also received tokens and prizes.

Selected employees also entertained the audience with their special presentations.

During his closing message, Dr. Geraldo C. Talisic, VP for Academic Affairs, thanked everyone for their selfless contributions to the 15 fruitful years of AMAIUB. He also encouraged the employees to be steadfast in supporting the University’s teaching and learning, research, and community engagement endeavors since all these have significant impacts in the society.

The AMAIUB Employees’ Day also aimed to foster camaraderie and sense of unity among the heads, faculty, and staff, and to inspire them to work together in the fulfilment of the University’s role in Kingdom, the GCC, and the global community.